Appolition with Tiffany Mikell and Kortney Ziegler

Feb 20, 2018 by Steve Boland

Appolition is a service that “Automatically give(s) your spare change from everyday purchases to help prevent the detrimental impact (of millions of people incarcerated because they cannot afford bail).” Learn more about the issue of mass incarceration, discriminatory practices in bail, and more at National Bail Out.

Tiffany Mikell and Dr. Kortney Ziegler are the co-founders of Appolition, and join host Steve Boland to talk about the creation of the platform, building on existing “spare change” ideas and technologies, how collective engagement can change people’s responses to issues like criminal justice reform and the problems with money bail, and more.

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Facebook Pages and Nonprofits with Jon Loomer

Feb 13, 2018 by Steve Boland

Jon Loomer is the founder of, specializing in Facebook ads, marketing and digital reach. Jon provides information, training and consulting services to help organizations improve their Facebook marketing.

Jon wrote a post in January 2018 about changes to the Facebook news feed, and how those changes may impact Facebook Pages. Jon’s fun, honest way of imploring all Pages to not “screw this up” by trying to game a system is the focus of this conversation. Honest engagement is important, and understanding the reasons Facebook is making changes can help charities do a better job of using Facebook along with other tools and outreach opportunities.

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Eisner Foundation with Trent Stamp

Feb 6, 2018 by Steve Boland

Trent Stamp is the CEO of the Eisner Foundation, a family foundation whose mission “…identifies, advocates for, and invests in high-quality and innovative programs that unite multiple generations for the betterment of our communities.” The decision to move to intergenerational capacity building as a focus area has yielded some multiple-bottom line results for the Eisner grantees.

Host Steve Boland talks with Trent about long-term outcome results in multiple generation funding, general operating support granting and program grants, sharing the learning of the foundation and much more.

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APM Research Lab with Craig Helmstetter

Jan 30, 2018 by Steve Boland

Craig Helmstetter is the Managing Partner of APM Research Lab, a new effort from American Public Media with a mission to “foster an engaged democracy by inspiring curiosity, inquiry and discussion through fact-driven, credible research and analysis.”

Craig (formerly of Wilder Research ) joins host Steve Boland to talk about nonpartisan, non-biased research and discussion,. how partnering with nonprofit media helps choose topics for research, philanthropic support for this work, earned revenue models as a part of sustainability, and more!

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Social Startup Success with Kathleen Kelly Janus

Jan 16, 2018 by Steve Boland

Kathleen Kelly Janus is the author of the new book, Social Startup Success. The book focuses on “…best practices for testing ideas, measuring impact, funding experimentation, leading collectively and storytelling with purpose.”

Host Steve Boland talks to Kathleen about falling in love with fixing a problem rather than with a specific solution, measuring outputs vs. outcomes, testing and revising programs or interventions, design thinking in problem solving, and more. for more.

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